love well.

Usually I go into Valentine's Day with the expectation that I want breakfast made for me and I don't want to have to clean up anything. Hello, can we say entitlement. This year, I tried to be more intentional and really think about what it means to love and to not expect a glamorous holiday. And you know what? It was one of the best. Nothing fancy happened. No flowers. Or exchanging of cards. We got our kids a little something and made some simple heart shape pancakes for breakfast, but that was the extent of our celebration. In fact, my husband has spent the majority of today (and yesterday) in our very cold garage fixing our van. Now that is love to me. I did laundry, dishes, and disciplined kids as lovingly as I could when it was needed. I also slipped in a few minutes of reading For the Love while the kids were out playing in the snow. Today, for me, loving well, was embracing our every day. 

About a month ago I had the privilege of partnering with Persimmon Prints to help launch a new design; their Love Well sweatshirt by photographing their adorable model in it. And for the last month Persimmon Prints has been sharing ideas on how to love well, I've caught ideas via Instagram, Facebook, and their weekly email newsletter. It has helped me so much to be more intentional with ways to love others. To love the person that God places right in front me. I fail daily at this love thing, but grace upon grace, we get up and try it again. I love the idea of wearing a shirt that reminds me (and hopefully others) to just love well daily, not just on Valentine's Day. And the sweatshirt happens to be on sale, till midnight tonight only for $14 off, hip hip hooray! Use code "Valentine" at check-out to get the discount!